Ashes are substances affected by electric current. This is a feature used in electrostatic filter options. Ashes in the chimney are collected in the filter by electric current. The drawing property of electricity consisting of friction was used in these filters.

Ash damages the atmosphere and human health. These filters, which are located between forced deceleration and the air heater, are important for health. Gas channels and fans are affected by dust particles.

Blockage of the gas channels and compression of the fan occurs due to dust particles. Electrostatic filter prevents this jamming and clogging. It also ensures a healthy use of the device. Electrostatic filter components must be changed regularly.


Diversification in this category is based on the work it does. The purpose of Use plays an effective role in diversifying these filters. There are three types of filters in this category.

1 - Preferred static filter options for ventilation and air conditioning devices,
2 - High amp filters preferred in boron oil, acid vapor and industrial kebab category,
3 - Electrostatic filters preferred in solid fuel category.

Filters classified in these three groups are classified according to their area of use. Our company offers electrostatic filter options in this category. You can purchase these filters by calling our customer service around the clock. With online purchase options, electrostatic filter options that you buy in a short time reach your address.


The frame is made of an aluminum profile. And there are special formed PVC diecast corner pieces on the corners. Neoprene-based impermeability gaskets are used on the assembly of the panels on the frame. And the frame form contains the gasket fitting surfaces as well. Our filter options improve the quality of use of your device. These filter options, which improve the operating performance of air conditioners, should be preferred according to the model of the device. Preferred filter options for air conditioners attract dust particles from the air. In this way, it keeps the fan clean Juliette. Increased air conditioning operating performance depends on filters.

Dust in the air negatively affects the fan's rotation mechanism, and fan compression occurs. In order to avoid this problem, the filter system must be healthy. Solid fuel filter options have the same characteristics.

Solid fuel filter options are important to keep the internal mechanism clean.Jul Electrostatic filter options are designs formed by electric current caused by friction. Electrostatic energy creates a magnet property. Thanks to this feature, ash particles in the air stick to the filter. This pull feature ensures that the device stays clean Juliette. In fuel cleaning, filters directly affect the operating mechanism.