Activent has aimed for quality in manufacturing the Air Conditioning Plants, just like in all of its manufactures. The only goal is always customer satisfaction. Air Conditioning Plants are manufactured between the flow interval of 1.000 - 65.000 m³/h and in 20 different models, offering a wide range of choices for the user.

The Cabinet Structure of the Air Conditioning Plants consist of a modular system. The assembly of the modules to each other is with bolts from inside the cabinet and Neoprene-based impermeability gaskets are used on their joint faces. The cabinet consist of aluminum profile frames and sandwich panels. Because there is no welded assembly during the manufacturing of the The cabinet can be delivered completely disassembled as per request. The front covers are hinged on one side and have special handles on the other and they ensure complete impermeability. There is a special viewing window on each ventilator or aspirator cabinet front cover and a lighting fitting within the cabinet. The lamp control button is mounted on the outer surface of the cabinet. The labels fixed on the cabinets are created to contribute to having a general idea about the modular cabinets that constitute the Air Conditioning Plant and the device. These labels make sure that you are informed without any interference on the AIR HANDLING UNITS

The frame is made of an aluminum profile. And there are special formed PVC diecast corner pieces on the corners. Neoprene-based impermeability gaskets are used on the assembly of the panels on the frame. And the frame form contains the gasket fitting surfaces as well.

The panels are sandwich panels. The outer steel plate thickness is adjusted based on the device dimensions while the inner steel plate thickness is standard 0.80 mm. The outer and inner steel plates have galvanized coating and can also be delivered with the outer steel plate painted. A hat to protrude 5 cm outward from all sides of the device dimensions is made on the devices to work outdoors. A Rock Wool Air Conditioning Panel with a standard density of 70 kg/m³ is used as insulation. Polyurethane Panel or Fiberglass Panel can also be used as per request.

The fans used inside the Air Handling Unit are the RCRD model with recurved thin blades, galvanized steel plate body, self-lubricated type bearing. RCAT or RCAD model fans with forward curved multi-blades can also be used as per request. The choice is made to allow a fan shaft power increase of maximum 35% in the characteristic working curve (which allows a flow increase of 10%). The connection between the fan firing intake and the cabinet intake is via a flexible connector to prevent transmission of vibration. The assembly of the fan on the cabinet is performed with an absorbing rubber cushion.

Gamak, Watt or an equivalent brand with an IP 54 protection class, 380 V, 50 Hz. Volt as the Electric Engine.

The drive system is vee belt drive. The belts are “Narrow V-Belts”. The pulleys have clamp bushing in compliance with the European standards (DIN 2211.TS 148).

The heating and cooling exchangers used within the Air Conditioning Plants have copper piping and aluminum wings. The diameter of the copper pipes used in the exchanger is 1/2" or 5/8" and they have a wall thickness of minimum 0,35 mm. The face velocity is taken to be maximum 3,25 m/sec in coolers for serpentine choice; while it is taken to be 3,50 m/sec maximum in heaters. A drift eliminator is always used in front of the cooling exchangers even if the face velocity is low.

The winged cartridges which are made by being coiled from specially formed aluminum or polypropylene profiles or aluminum steel plate, with its wing fixing components consisting of aluminum, are designed on skids with galvanized coating or stainless skids which are easy to put in and out of the cabinet.

The condensation pans which are designed to be placed under the cooling exchanger and the drift eliminator are made by welding from AISI 304 quality stainless steel plate with a minimum thickness of 1.5 mm. The drain detail that definitely needs to be made at the pan exit by the customer is schematically shown on the plant.

The cartridge filters used inside the Air Conditioning Plants are metallic at G2 Filtration Quality; and synthetic fiber at G3 and G4 Filtration Quality. As per customer request, bag filters at F5, F7 and F9 Filtration quality and HEPA filters at H14 Filtration quality can also be used.

The damper wings are of aluminum profile in aerodynamic form, and the cases are also of aluminum profile. The wings face each other, can move easily, and create an impermeable structure when closed. The drive system is gearwheel operated. Polyamide bushings are used for the assembly of the wings on the case. As a standard, an air damper is found on the induction intake of all of our devices; and a connecting flange on the exit intake.

In the small sized plants, there is a stand of oven-painted DKP steel plate, and a base of oven-painted hot-rolled NPU profile in the large sized plants.