Single Suction INDUSTRIAL RADIAL FANS \ Forward Curved - Sparse wing Low Pressure
RALR low pressure systems. These fans designed for all kinds in plant ventilation they can be used. Screw mounting. Thanks to the system, the desired safe comfortably into the shooting position they can be translated. The most economical from ventilation solutions is one. The wing structure is sparse thanks to propeller cleaning is easy.

The assembly is electrostatic powder coated DKP. It is made of black sheet. Radial fan, forward DKP black with curved sparse propeller structure. Made of sheet metal.

Optionally with frequency inverter they can be provided.

Various heating-ventilation and low running where vibration is undesirable electronics and the like using speeds. It is used for the cooling of equipment. Convenience in manufacturing and assembly upon request. Manufacture of square-bodied fan that provides.