HSYK is produced in the December 2,500 m3/h – 30,000 m3/h air flow rates range.
In order to prevent environmental pollution , polluted air caused by the operation of enterprises It is used for cleaning oil, smoke and dust before being thrown into the atmosphere. Thanks to its special design , it cleans the oil and dust 95% and the smell 50% by washing the air. Suitable to use before electrostatic filter and carbon filter.

HSYK aqueous system is produced from 304 stainless or galvanized sheet according to demand. Water is sprayed with a Spiral nozzle with a water cycle pump. The installation is drawn for clean water and dirty water consumption while the system is installed.Juliette: Thanks to its buoy, it adjusts the amount of water itself.

Solid fuel heating boiler, coal grills ,kitchen hoods Paint shop, Polish shop, clothes dryer outlets, Factory oil dusty and chemical-containing ventilation outlets.