Fan Components and Material Properties The models of CRDV series vertical centrifugal مراوح السقف are manufactured from galvanized sheet steel. Asynchronous motor is used in all models. The motor is out of airflow. The device is capable of carrying air at max.120ºC.

The fan blades are aerodynamically curved and provide regular flow. The fans are composed of backward sloping and infrequently arranged fins.

CRDV مراوح السقف provide a great advantage in applications with vertical shot feature in conditions where horizontal air is not allowed to be absorbed. Thanks to the aerodynamic wing structure, they work quietly. Speed can be adjusted with أجهزة التحكم في السرعة. Since the rainwater is easily evacuated, water ingress is prevented from entering the chimney. Since the motor is out of airflow, it is resistant to high temperature. Due to its high temperature resistance, the hot oil vapor absorbed from the hoods ensures a long distance to the vertical.

التحكم في السرعة
Optional control devices can be provided. Speed control with frequency inverter can be done in 3~phase منتجات ( VTTY accessory)

مجالات الاستخدام
In order to increase the air quality of indoor spaces, it is used in situations where vertical shot is required under conditions where air cannot be disposed horizontally. The CRDV مراوح السقف operate at low volume with an external rotor motor. It is used on the roofs of the places where the air is to be refreshed and the chimneys on the bathroom and wc roofs of the buildings which are opened to the common shaft