الشفاطات الخلوية / METALIC FILTER \ Backward Curved
HFRD double suction centrifugal cell fans are produced in different sizes between 1.000m³ / h and 20.000 m³ / h flow rates. The cell panels are rock wool insulated with a thickness of 20 mm and a density of 70 kg / m³. Flicker free. They have the feature of working and provide maximum efficiency with low energy.

Body; It is made of galvanized sheet. 20 mm thick rock wool insulated. They are manufactured in aluminum cage structure. The radial fan is made of galvanized sheet metal with a forward-curved blade structure.

التحكم في السرعة
Frequency inverter can be used.

مجالات الاستخدام
Workplaces, offices, factories, hospitals, restaurants, meeting rooms, supermarkets, shopping malls and so on.